Joker Ruling the Card Game!

The Joker, plays an ambiguous role in card games, although most players who are not familiar with some of the nuances of the game strongly associate it with luck and winning. True, the theory that the word joker comes from an English equivalent is incorrect. 

In Germany in the 19th century there was a game called Joker, where the joker card played the highest role. This is where the name of this card comes from.

The joker card can look different and therefore have different meanings in games. It can be color or black and white. If the joker replaces any other card, then the colored joker is more useful, because it can stand up in combination instead of any other card, while black and white only instead of clubs or spades.

Of course, poker is considered the most popular game with the joker, where he plays several roles at once. Here it can be an independent card or one of 52 cards is accepted as a joker. Such a card is determined by lot. Lottery poker is perhaps the most gambling game of all its varieties.

For example, in the formation of some combinations, the joker can act as an independent card if it appears in a combination. The layout of “straight” with the participation of a joker is formed from such cards as 10, 9, 7, 6, where the joker plays the role of 8. 

However, the “straight” in which there is 8 itself, and not its substitute, will be more important. Such hands as “straight flush” with the participation of the joker will be unprofitable.

In poker, the joker card can also run for just a few rounds rather than having a constant value. A variation of poker Joker’s Wild is just such a game: here several jokers take part in the game at once, which makes it especially exciting and gambling. 

In some types of poker, like American poker, there are only 52 cards in the deck and not a single joker. Here, 2 missing cards are assigned during the game and they are either pointless or replace other cards in the combination.

Despite the double meaning of the “joker” card, in most cases it really brings luck, and that is why the joker in hand is always considered an excellent chance of winning.

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