Gambling to play or not to play

Gambling: to play or not to play?

Many people are of the opinion that gambling is a negative activity that can cause addiction like drugs. But is it really so? This issue needs to be understood in more detail.

Negative or good?

Of course, there are negative aspects in gambling. This applies to those cases when a person becomes completely dependent on the gameplay and spends all available funds on it. At the same time, the thirst for money comes to the fore, which generates even greater spending. In such situations, of course, such a player requires professional medical attention.

However, you can look at addiction from the other side, as was done by English scientists who for many years studied the state of the body of avid gamblers and people who generally neglect gambling

As a result of such studies, it has been proven that through play, the state of the human body improves. This is especially true of the cardiovascular system, which becomes more resistant to stressful situations. Indeed, in the process of any game, a person experiences a certain level of stress, which stimulates all systems of the body.

Excitement is an important gaming factor

Special attention should be paid to such a concept as passion. What is it? This concept means the state of the body, which arises after an agonizing wait, ending with the receipt of the desired. It is this state of happiness that gives rise to a person’s desire to continue the process that brings him a feeling of passion. 

At the same time, a person produces a certain amount of adrenaline, which is an excellent stimulator of the basic processes in the body. Moreover, this state can be not only during the game process but also in ordinary life situations. At the same time, the state of happiness and euphoria, which occur after obtaining the desired result and make the human body more resistant to stress. 

After all, it has long been proven that positive emotions are “healing”.

If we recall history, then even many famous people such as Pushkin, Lermontov, and others were not averse to pampering themselves with playing cards. After all, it is the gameplay itself, and not the desire for profit, that is the factor that contributes to the improvement of well-being.


In general, everyone must decide for themselves whether to play or not. But, as we can see, gambling games in most cases are exactly the factor that helps to strengthen the body. Thanks to gambling, a person can get distracted from his environment, release his passion and at the same time get a lot of positive emotions. 

But, all this is only in those cases when the game does not turn into mania. After all, it is not for nothing that there is a saying that everything should be in moderation. Therefore, it is possible and even necessary to play, but at the same time one should not forget about self-control. 

As soon as a person loses it, he becomes addicted to the gameplay, which ultimately can adversely affect not only his financial situation, but also affect his psychological state.

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